Books - Signed

Steve Bloom has published numerous works in a total of 20 languages around the world. Browse a full catalogue of stunning coffee-table books, including Living Africa, Untamed, Elephant! and Primates. All books can be signed by Steve for no extra cost. Please note that signed copies may take longer to dispatch, as Steve is often away on shoots or other business.

We can supply limited numbers of books in Foreign Language Editions. Please check individual books for details.

Free bookmark with every book purchased

Greetings Cards

Choose from a wide selection of Steve Bloom
Spirit of the Wild greetings cards.
Printed on sustainably sourced paper and packaged in biodegradable plastic sleeves.


Large format high-quality wildlife postcards for sending to friends or family, or just keeping at home. Our range is the widest of all the Steve Bloom
Spirit of the Wild products, with over 40 individual animal designs.


Steve BloomSpirit of the Wild animal bookmarks. Choose from a range of 6 wildlife designs.

Free bookmark with every book purchased.


High-quality Steve Bloom - Spirit of the Wild animal posters.
50cm x 70cm, printed on sustainably sourced 300gsm silk paper.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Interesting and challenging wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles of Steve Bloom's animal photographs, ranging from 500 to 1500 pieces.